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Ethan Nelson
Ethan Nelson

Palm Desktop 4.2.1 For Mac ((FREE))

The last ever version of Palm Desktop for Mac [4.2.2] was released in 2008 - though 4.2.1 is more common, & still available if you look around - though I haven't run the Mac version in a long time, so compatibility might be suspect.

Palm Desktop 4.2.1 For Mac

VersionFileSizeMac-2.6.1 PalmDesktop-Mac-2.6.1.sit6.4MMac-2.6.3 PalmDesktop-Mac-2.6.3.sit8.7MMac-4.1.0 PalmDesktop-Mac-4.1.0.sit12MMac-4.2.1d PalmDesktop-Mac-4.2.1d.dmg17MWin-3.1.1 PalmDesktop-Win-3.1.1.zip11MWin-4.1.0 PalmDesktop-Win-4.1.0.zip9.3MWin-4.1.4 PalmDesktopWin414.zip16MWin-4.1.4E PalmDesktopWin414e.zip42MWin-Clie-4.1.0 PalmDesktop-Win-Clie-4.1.0.zip27MWin-Janam-4.1-SP3 PalmDesktop-Win-Janam-4.1-SP3.zip15MWin-6.2.2 PalmDesktop-Win-6.2.2.zip66MWin-HSFix LegacyHSFix.zip12KWin95-Fix Winsock_2_Update.zip904K

My first stop was the Palm web site where I downloaded the latest Palm Desktop software for Mac. The version I downloaded was 4.2.1 rev D which came in disk image (.dmg) format. I mounted the disk image and ran the installer. At the end of the installation, a reboot is required, probably to load the background processes cleanly.

My husband lost his calendar on his work computer because of an update. He's been holding on to the palm pda for years but it has been an issue to get the program on newer computers. I was able to retrieve it from an old backup and convert it to a Google Calendar. It was easy to navigate once I watched the YouTube instructions. He is so glad to have years of information back on a working system!

I have been searching (intermittently, as it has usually been fruitless) for years for a conversion program to move my Palm 4.1.4 desktop to a Google or Apple Calendar. The Palm to iCal conversion was not without hiccups, but I now have apparently populated my iMac Calendar with the majority of the data that I have stored on my Garmin iQue since 1999.

First, I'd like to say thanks! I knew that I'd have to exit my long attachment to the Palm desktop eventually, and your work has made this as pain-free as I could have hoped. I'm glad I found your web site. I recently managed to export 30K Palm calendar events (dating back to 1999), and import them my Outlook calendar, with only very minor issues. And I've been able to make corrections in Outlook quite easily.

I am finally moving into an Android phone, Note3. I have years of datebook information in Palm (using Agendus for desktop). I started using MyPhoneExplorer and needed to get my datebook info imported into it. Within about 5 min your product got all my calendar information for years and imported it into MyPhoneExplorer! I can't thank you enough for your time and effort to build this on line tool! Sent you a donation via Paypal.

I have been lagging behind in technology for some time. I couldn't use my Palm because my laptop wouldn't sync with it but I was still using the Palm desktop calendar as I like to have a printed calendar to make client appointments. When I got my iPhone 4s in December I knew I needed to have a calendar that was available desktop and on the phone but figured I would have to re-enter all the current info and forego the history. I found the Palm2CSV software and converted to Google calendar.

Mac Palm Desktop 4.2.1 doesn't export .dba files, but with a little extra help from Kim, Palm2CSV helped me to transfer 15 yrs of events to iPhone. Thank you so much for your very generous personalized help! You're the best!

Thanks to you for developing and sharing the Palm conversion software. It worked smoothly converting nearly 12 years of Palm Calendar history to Google Calendar. Although my old Palm PDA is long defunct, the desktop software still functions well ... but I can't carry my desktop computer with me everywhere. I had dreaded the day when the desktop software stopped functioning and I'd lose all that history that I sometimes need to consult. You made it easy, so kudos to you, and thanks again!

I have delayed switching calendars for YEARS because I could not convert my old one. I finally got an iPhone 5 for Christmas (my family said it was time). I was a technical computer programmer for years, so I am NOT afraid of technology...just weeks of retyping a calendar I have had (only on my desktop...PDA died years ago) for YEARS. Thank took less than 5 minutes (and that is counting the Google search to find you). Made a small donation to help others! Thanks! My calendar is now on my desktop as Outlook, on my iPhone and my iPad! So very cool.

What a wonderful program. When my 10 year old flip phone died, I decided to retire my 10 year old Palm as well and purchase a smart phone, an Android. I chose to use a Google calander on my new phone for reasons of convience. Thanks to your program, my calander data, including repeated events, transferred rather easily to my Google calander. From my Google calander I was able to transfer my data to an Outlook calander (needed for work), which I could not do using the Palm desktop, since my version of Outlook is too recent. So your program was doubly helpful.

Thank you for such a great tool!I was able to transfer my palm calendar to google calendar.I limited the file size to 1MB and specified 10/31/12 as my end date range.With these few simple changes it worked.Thank you again.

Hi, just used your palm2csv and it was AMAZING! I don't know how difficult creating this kind of program is, but for me it is a little miracle. Thank you so much! I've been on Palm for years and years and finally caved in to switch to Outlook. It isn't so great, but at least it is recognized! So glad I found your site.

Hey Kim - you rule!My only regret is the 20+ hours I've lost trying to rescue my palm calendar before I reached your site.Now my eight year calendar story is safe in Google and sync'ed on Android phone.

Thank you! While this was still a miserably long job (the calendar and also uploading my contacts to google), your on-line calendar converter made it a snap!I found another forum that explained how to clean up the palm contacts and upload each category separately in order to easily keep them in their categories.You were a great help!

Thank you so very much for putting together such an excellent product and attendant documentation. I converted our 12+ years of palm calendar data today to google calendar. all looks good. I've been dreading the transition and am so happy to have found your software. really appreciated the youtube video as well.

The last few days, I figured that I needed to get the calendar info from my Palm desktop/Palm TX before something catastrophic happens. Otherwise, 13 years of events would disappear.Spent last night Google'ing, reading, investigating. Then I came across a post in a forum talking about your site. Within 5 or 10 minutes of going to your site, I had all that data on my Gmail calendar! Seems to work like a charm.Thanks for identifying the need to get the data out of the Palm environment and making it available for the newer platforms, and coming up with this cloud solution.

I've been stuck in HPs Palm-nowhere-land since migrating from XP to Windows 7.I have considered trying to get to a modern platform and was really annoyed that HP left Palm users in limbo.The approaches in Web blogs were daunting and cumbersome beyond belief and at best were a partial hack.This conversion was user friendly and immaculately documented. I did the whole thing in a few minutes (less than about 10) and got better than perfect results. Indeed, it went so fast I thought something was wrong. And, for free! Albeit, I did make a well deserved contribution. Thanks for this simple but powerful conversion app, I'm happily doing Google calendar on my desktop and Galaxy Nexus.

I just successfully used your site to export 9 years worth of calendar events from my Palm desktop to CSV, and thence to Google Calendar. It was simple! Thank you for the easy and successful transfer from Palm to Google Calendar, Kim!

Thank you very much for developing Palm2CSV, it's just allowed me to convert 12 years of palm data into MS Outlook 2010, of which I'm very happy. (Minor note: UK date format didn't seem to wotk with Outlook 2010 (even though UK was set everywhere for my local settings, must be an MS bug), so repeated in US data format and all worked well. Keep up the great work!

The AROS Research Operating System is a lightweight, efficient, and flexibledesktop operating system, designed to help you make the most of your computer.It's an independent, portable and free project, aiming at being compatiblewith AmigaOS at the API level (like Wine, unlike UAE), while improving onit in many areas. The source code is available under an open source license,which allows anyone to freely improve upon it.

September was definitely a distro month. First, the AEROS distributionwas refreshed by Pascal Papara and brought to version 4.2.1 on allsupported platforms (Raspberry Pi 1/2/3 and Odroid XU3/XU4). Thechanges include integration of EmuLa, installation of the Chrome browsersupporting Flash, SDL2 libraries, ScummVM 1.8 and the game 'Amiga Racer'.

I tried this to send my Google contacts to an old iPod Touch 2 running iOS 4.2.1, the highest level it can upgrade to. When I clicked on the vcf attachment, nothing happened. (Candace reported a similar result on August 3, 2012.) (Terry is quoted above as having been unable to use an app to transfer contacts on April 20, 2013.)

thank you so much. Was very worried about how to do a transfer from Palm Centro to a new iphone. Through the palm software i was able to export a vcal file. I just needed to make sure I highlighted all of my contacts prior to exporting. I was able to email that file to myself and open it and add all the contacts. Beautiful!! I was then able to sync my hotmail contacts which were primarily email accounts and they merged beautifully with what was was brought over from palm which was primarily phone numbers. I am very happy!

Mobile Safari web browser. Those new gestures came into their own on the Safari web browser for iOS. It was, as Jobs himself bragged when unveiling it, literally years ahead of the competition. Yes, it famously has never supported the Flash plugin, but it was the first mobile web browser that felt nearly as capable and powerful as a full desktop browser. Where other mobile operating systems reflowed, reformatted, or simply broke the look and feel of web pages, mobile Safari presented the web fully and offered simple zoom and scrolling features that were unmatched at the time. 350c69d7ab

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